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Week 22 - Project 365

Day 144. Little monkey having a kick about with Daddy. Look at the concentration! 
Day 145. Awe, how cute is this photo of one of our babies.
Day 146. Play date day and the monkeys dressed up in their friends superheroes costumes!
Day 147. A trip to see the Grandparents on their boat.
Day 148. Little monkeys latest toy to review for Tomy. He loves it! 
Day 149. These two cheeky monkeys and I went to a pre-opening event at the new Nickelodeon Store in Leicester Square. This is them waiting to go for an all inclusive breakfast first!
Day 150. Another afternoon spent on the boat and such a glorious outlook whilst sipping coffee and reading!

Half term week has been fun but would have been less stressful had it not been for missed deliveries, a smashed iPad screen and having to work! The monkeys have had fun and the weather has been kind! 
Hope everyone else has had a great week! 



Breakfast and SpongeBob SquarePants!

So today was the day, the monkeys and I got up early and were on the train by 07.30 to London's Leicester Square. We had a very important date with Dora the Explorer but first off a breakfast date! Along with other bloggers we were invited by Evolution PR and UKMumsTV to a pre-opening event at the new flagship Nickelodeon Store, in London's Leicester Square. 

Breakfast was almost right next door at a fab eatery, Muriel's kitchen. We got to choose off the breakfast menu (there was even one for kids), sip coffee and shakes and chat about the imminent store event! The food was amazing and the service fabulous. They even provided us with little lunch bags to take home later with us.
Moving onto the store which opens to the public for the first time ever Saturday 30th May, We were greeted by Dora who took our exclusive invites off us, posed for photo's with the kids as they went in and then handed us over to the team looking after us! 
The monkeys and I were given a tour of the 2 storey store with mezzanine on the first floor. Sponge Bob merchandise features highly with lots of stuff exclusive to the store. There was also Dora the Explorer merchandise, Ninja Turtles, and some Paw Patrol. Large screens showed exerts from the shows, kids will be able to play on state-of-the-art multimedia and interactive devices. The slimy stairs are awesome! There are selfie walls and lots more! A sea of bright colours and something for every kid (big or small) that loves Nickelodeon. 
We decorated hats, older kids took part in a treasure hunt and all those who wanted to played pass the parcel! 
As we left, utterly enthralled by the store and all it has to offer, we were handed mega goody bags with a fab selection of the new Nick Store merchandise inside.
Thanks Nickelodeon, Evolution PR and UKMumsTV, we had a blast! 

#NewMe Update!

Well it's been 28 weeks and I've lost 3 stone 10lb (52lb). This week I've barely lost a 1lb of that but I've cheated a bit and had a few treats! 
The good thing is my BMI (which to be honest I don't worry too much about) has come down from 34.6 at the begining of January to 26.7 today. My total body fat has decreased from 40.8% mid December to 38.2% today and that's certainly moving in the right dirction for me!
One of the biggest changes is my clothes size. I've got size 10 clothes that are now getting too big and I bought my 1st pair of trousers the other day since I was about 25 yrs old in a size 8! Crazy!
Once I get another 4lb off I'm hoping to maintain that weight.


Brand New Flagship London Nickelodeon Store

Saturday see's the opening of a brand new flagship London Nickelodeon Store in Leicester Square. We are so excited to be invited to an exclusive pre-opening event at the store this Friday! I'm not sure who is most excited to be honest. The monkeys or I! 
Of course I will fill you in with all the details next week after the event but you can also follow us on twitter @sitstillmonkeys and @UKMumstv if you'd like to see photo's and take part in a fab twitter frenzy we'll be co-hosting live from the event! There'll be prizes to be won! Fun and games too. Just use the hashtag #nickstore.
We can't wait to see the store and get a tour from the CEO of Nickelodeon plus take part in many more celebrations before the public get through the doors on Saturday! Just keep your fingers crossed for us travelling into London during rush hour Friday! 


Petite Clothing With House of Fraser

I've been working with House of Fraser a few months now and was delighted to be asked to review their women's wear petite collection, especially since losing over 3 and a half stone!
I had a good look through the range and decided on one of their jackets.
The Wallis Petite Mint Biker jacket is currently half price at only £30. It arrived in very good time, just a day or so after it was ordered. On first inspection I knew I would love it! It's so soft both in colour and material, 100% polyurethane. I was sent a petite size 12 which fits perfectly. I think it gives a really nice shape.
The colour is gorgeous and the style just the type of thing I was after. It has a zipped front, which does up right to the top or you can wear it with the lapels folded back. The cuffs are also zipped. Plus there's a zipped front pocket. It's machine washable too which makes it a great buy. I love the quilted detailing on it down the sides, the sleeves and the shoulders. The fact it can be worn over a dress just as it can with a pair of jeans makes it very versatile.
Anything I'm not keen on? Not at all. It's warm enough for cooler days and light enough to carry if the weather gets a bit warmer. Bang on trend too! What a steal at half price too.
Am I happy? Yes, indeed. It's fabulous. 

I was sent this jacket for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Another Op Needed!

Just recently some of you on social media may have seen little monkey has been suffering bleeding from his left ear. In April of 2014 he had grommets fitted, so we assumed they had fallen out and maybe he was getting ear infections. Wrong! 
Having taken him three times to the GP on three separate occasions of bleeding, they looked in his ear and prescribed antibiotics then drops for infection. Obviously not being too impressed to think he could be suffering so many infections and bleeding we pushed for his scheduled (by cancelled) ENT check up to be pushed forward at the hospital.
After much to-ing and fro-ing, he had an appointment last Friday. His hearing was checked and both ears looked into to. The left one needed looking at through a microscope, which meant him laying down under it on a couch! Cue tears but he was a brave boy.

The consultant confirmed that both grommets were still in place, but the right one has fallen out of the ear drum and was in fact stuck in a lump of wax in the ear canal. The left however was still in place. The bleeding from his left ear was being caused by skin crusting. Skin was growing over the grommet and causing the crusting to bleed from time to time.
This meant we were given two options. Either leave well alone and hope the ear healed and the grommet falls out naturally or operate to remove the grommet ensuring the skin doesn't grow over the grommet more making it far more serious if it goes further into the ear drum. 

Although we are upset at the thought of little monkey having to have another general anaesthetic we made the decision to go with the op. We don't want to take the chance of his ear not healing and neither do we want him suffering a bloody ear any more than he has too. 
Apparently this is quite a common issue when grommets have been fitted?

Now we just wait for a date! I'll keep you posted.


The Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van - Review

The Uggly's Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van from Character looked to be right up the monkey's street when I saw it, so I was thrilled to be asked to review one with them. What young boys would not love a van that makes over 30 gross sounds and involves dirty dogs and mischief?! 
Aimed at children aged 5+ the van comes with a slobby Saint Bernard. More Uggly's dogs can bought for £3 per two characters. We were sent two sets of two dogs meaning the monkeys had five to play with. Each ugly in their own endearing way! 
Open the van up to spy a loo, sit a dirty dog on it and hear it parp and the loo flush. Dip the dogs in the bath to hear the bubbles and hound burp. Weigh them on the scales and see the dial move. Drive them around town too and listen to the engine roar and the drive belching! Both monkeys love this! Luckily there is an on off switch underneath! I tend to think it's cool too to be honest and it's certainly kept little monkey in entertained. A little bit of fun!
In this short video you can hear some of it's hilarious gross sounds! The Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van costs £20 at all leading toy shops. It seems robust and worth the money. 
We've even bought little monkey an extra set of dogs, so now he has seven of the dirty hounds to take about town and wash in his van! 
A farting 'smelly' van.....the monkeys are in heaven! ;) I think we may need to get more from the Ugglys range.
Tried and Tested


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