Almost to Target

Another week is done and I weighed in today. I've been eating a few (small) treats this past weekend what with it being big monkeys birthday and having a cold but I but still managed to lose 1.9lb. This pleases me immensely, as it means I'm just 1lb off my original target of losing 3 and a half stone. 
I wore size 8-10 pyjamas last night which is a first in a very long time! My other's were just stupidly big! 
I was looking on the lap top last night and came across a photo of myself from BritMums last June. I felt very large and unhappy with my size and am happy to say I now feel happy with my size and how I feel. I now feel like the old me again from about 12 years ago, when I enjoyed shopping for clothes. When I wasn't hiding behind them and dreading buying outfits I didn't even actually like but thought I had to wear!
 Pop by next week, when I hope to have lost that final lb.

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