Another Op Needed!

Just recently some of you on social media may have seen little monkey has been suffering bleeding from his left ear. In April of 2014 he had grommets fitted, so we assumed they had fallen out and maybe he was getting ear infections. Wrong! 
Having taken him three times to the GP on three separate occasions of bleeding, they looked in his ear and prescribed antibiotics then drops for infection. Obviously not being too impressed to think he could be suffering so many infections and bleeding we pushed for his scheduled (by cancelled) ENT check up to be pushed forward at the hospital.
After much to-ing and fro-ing, he had an appointment last Friday. His hearing was checked and both ears looked into to. The left one needed looking at through a microscope, which meant him laying down under it on a couch! Cue tears but he was a brave boy.

The consultant confirmed that both grommets were still in place, but the right one has fallen out of the ear drum and was in fact stuck in a lump of wax in the ear canal. The left however was still in place. The bleeding from his left ear was being caused by skin crusting. Skin was growing over the grommet and causing the crusting to bleed from time to time.
This meant we were given two options. Either leave well alone and hope the ear healed and the grommet falls out naturally or operate to remove the grommet ensuring the skin doesn't grow over the grommet more making it far more serious if it goes further into the ear drum. 

Although we are upset at the thought of little monkey having to have another general anaesthetic we made the decision to go with the op. We don't want to take the chance of his ear not healing and neither do we want him suffering a bloody ear any more than he has too. 
Apparently this is quite a common issue when grommets have been fitted?

Now we just wait for a date! I'll keep you posted.

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