Bahlsen Biscuits - Choco Leibniz‬

Would we like to taste Choco Leibniz‬ Bahlsen biscuits? Hell yes! I did not need asking twice. The monkeys and Daddy are big biscuit lovers and of course I had to test them too. (Purely in the name of research only you understand!)
There's a NEW flavour on the block, which having tasted is one of may favs. Choco Leibniz White Chocolate.
The usual butter biscuit found in the rest of the Choco Leibniz range has been exchanged for a deliciously decadent crispy cocoa biscuit which perfectly complements the sumptuously silky sweet white chocolate.

Available in the classic pack of nine, and made using only the very highest quality ingredients, Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits are the epitome of German precision. 
The full Choco Leibniz range consists of Dark, Milk, Orange, Caramel and NEW White. We were sent each delicious flavour, which I can categorically state are all rather yummy. The orange and NEW white being the tastiest in my opinion. At only 140 calories for two they make a great treat snack.
The full range is available from: Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, and most good independent retailers. Dark and Milk Chocolate are also widely available from Booths, Co-op, Tesco, Budgens, Fishers and Morrisons. Orange is also available from Booths, Co-op and Fishers. 
I'm thinking I won't get away with not buying more of these when I do the food shop each week.

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