Great Blogger Bake Off With #FloridaTixBakeOff

You may remember just recently that I made cupcakes and a Birthday cake for Big monkeys 7th Birthday! Madly around the same time I agreed to take part in a blogger bake off challenge to celebrate Florida Tix 10th Birthday.
I've been to Florida twice and absolutely love it there. One day we'll take the monkeys. Of course I could rise to the challenge of baking and decorating them a birthday cake! Couldn't I!
Ten of us were sent a kit with everything we would need to bake a cake and decorate it, so on Thursday I set about making the sponge and then I decorated it Saturday.
I had in my mind the sort of thing I wanted to create but really wasn't too sure how it would look! Luckily I think it's turned out better than expected. I cut the top of the cake off to give it a flat surface, then rolled out the white royal icing before laying it over the sponge. Next I used a paint brush to paint the food colouring onto the icing to create my road design. I used blue edible glitter for the sky and then the monkeys cars to finish the look!

I decided on the Disney Cars theme as both monkeys love the films and of course are very much into their cars too. Think......rising sun and Lighening McQueen is setting out across the plains to find his buddies! 

It's not perfect but I'm happy with it! The monkeys love it too! Now, all we have to do is enjoy eating our cake (and send a virtual honourary slice or two to Florida Tix)! 

Happy 10th Birthday!!

This is our entry into the Florida Tix 10th Birthday bake off competition.

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