It's slowing Down!

I've lost almost 3 and a half stone in 6 months. This astounds me if I'm honest. I really did not think 6 months ago that I would now be that much smaller. But I'm still not quite there, this week I've lost just half a lb! That's not a lot is it! Still a loss I know but I was hoping to have hit a 1lb loss this week at least. 
Having said this I am the smallest I've been since I was about 25yrs old and now wear size 10 clothes. Something I thought I would never ever do again! 
Since I posted last week I've done 3 spinning classes, a pole fitness class and a boxing fitness class. I'm loving the feeling exercising gives me and am loving my higher fitness levels. Hopefully this feeling will continue as I really wasn't a gym goer at all 6 months ago! 

Come back next week to see if I've finally cracked that 3 stone 7lb weightloss! Fingers crossed.

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