Making Savings Where You Can

There never seems to be a month when things are quiet money or bill wise is there? We have Christmas, then in fairly quick succession we have three immediate family birthdays. Mine is in July, so a few months are quieter, then of course, we're back to school with uniform buying involved and finally back to Christmas preparation and present buying. That's without all the other every day costs of living and the things that crop up to cripple us financially! 
Why doesn't money grow on trees?! 
Photo Credit: digitalsherpa.com
With it currently being VERY close to big monkeys birthday, I have of course needed to buy a fair bit. Presents, cards, party preparation bits and pieces, ingredients to make his cake and so on. I wouldn't have it any other way but I have to say I do rely on looking for bargains and for discounts. Most of my shopping is done online. I choose VoucherBin.co.uk, vital to my shopping experience. They are "an easy way to save online using voucher discounts. Save huge amounts with 20,000+ coupons for thousands of stores." They have lots of live voucher codes, be it for free delivery or money off your purchase. You can search for stores that you are specifically shopping with and the site is very easy to navigate. 
Photo Credit: extradigital.co.uk
I never pay full price when shopping online unless I have too! I'm glad I've always been a bit of a bargain hunter! With VoucherBin, you can just browse the popular categories even when your not shopping for something specific, just to see what bargains you can find. Maybe once I have more money to spend I'll do that! 

How do you like to shop? Online or out on the high street or in the mall? With the monkeys it's just so much easier to shop online! I think for me, it stops me browsing too much also. I buy everything I saw in store if I could.

This is a collaborative post.


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