Meet Holly, Sturridge & Sterling!

Little monkey adores petting the guinea pigs when we visit Jimmy's Farm, and has asked more than once if he can take them home! With him doing so well finally agreeing to wear pants, which has been a long time coming I decided he needed a treat/reward. Hubby and I chatted about getting both monkeys a guinea pig each. 
Little monkey is really gentle with them and he is so calm when petting them, we figured they might help to 'tame' him! He can, like all boys be quite a handful.
So last week we found someone locally selling baby guinea pigs and arranged to collect them from her in a few weeks time. On big monkeys birthday though, she text to say we could have them now (at less then 3 weeks old), if we took Mum too! Rats had destroyed the other babies she had, so she wanted ours kept safe. We could either return mum to her in a few weeks or keep her too. 
Without thinking it through I think I just thought we would return mum when her babies no longer needed her! What?! How could we! 
On bank holiday Monday we drove to collect our new family pets. Our 1st ever family pets.
They are so cute and far smaller than I thought they would be. Mum herself isn't that old. The monkeys (and us) love them to bits. There's no way we will be returning mum! 
Now, all three are girls but only Mum has a girls name! Holly! The monkeys decided they wished to call the two babies after footballers!! Sturridge and Sterling it is then!
They are settling in nicely, and the monkeys can't wait to start petting them. 
Do you have pets? Which?

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