#NewMe Update!

Well it's been 28 weeks and I've lost 3 stone 10lb (52lb). This week I've barely lost a 1lb of that but I've cheated a bit and had a few treats! 
The good thing is my BMI (which to be honest I don't worry too much about) has come down from 34.6 at the begining of January to 26.7 today. My total body fat has decreased from 40.8% mid December to 38.2% today and that's certainly moving in the right dirction for me!
One of the biggest changes is my clothes size. I've got size 10 clothes that are now getting too big and I bought my 1st pair of trousers the other day since I was about 25 yrs old in a size 8! Crazy!
Once I get another 4lb off I'm hoping to maintain that weight.

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