Our Big Monkey Is 7yrs Old

Well what a weekemd, and where to start! At the begining I suppose. We've been very busy celebrating big monkeys 7th Birthday this past bank holiday weekend. 
Friday, whilst he was out school, having taken sweets to share with his classmates, I was busy baking! Making his Liverpool themed cupcakes and his chocolate birthday cake. I'm delighted with the finished results and am told they tasted nice too. That evening Nanny and Grandad babysat and grandad blew balloons up and decorated the lounge with birthday banners, whilst hubby and I went to see Andy Parsons on stage. When we returned we put big monkeys presents out for him, ready for the following morning.
You may have guessed big monkey is a huge football fanatic, so he was thrilled to get the Liverpool 3rd kit he had asked for, along with numerous other football related gifts including subbuteo and Liverpool themed bags, scarfs and water bottles. He got vouchers and money too.

As Saturday is his usual day to play a match, he did so as usual, only this time Grandad went with us. After that, we all went out for lunch. Big monkey chose his favourite meal......roast chicken and all the trimmings. Later he and Daddy went to buy some astroturf training boots (with his birthday money of course).
The evening was spent quietly. Much needed as the four of us have head colds! Not forgetting the exciting arrival of the new Royal baby, born on my big baby's birthday!!
Sunday was just as special. Maybe even more so! Big monkey had been invited to play in a football festival at Leyton Orient. This meant an early start for him, grandad and hubby. They had to register by 9am. Leaving my mum and I to put the last minute bits together for big monkeys birthday party! A football themed party! 
The football festival went really well and our superstar scored a goal during a winning match for his football team. The team had been announced as they walked out the players tunnel and then each player was awarded a medal for taking part. Big monkey was super pleased and super proud to have taken part. 
They literally made it back to his own birthday party with about 10 minutes to spare before the guests arrived.
We hired a football coach to keep 16 kids entertained and active on the football pitch for a hour and a half at his Liverpool themed party. This was a Godsend, as we didn't see the kids indoors for that whole time. The last half hour was spent with the party boy and his guests inside the club house eating, playing and chatting at the tables before we all sang happy birthday and presented big monkey with his cake. Boy was that last half hour loud! ;)
The children left with their goody bags happy and just as lively and excited as when they arrived! How come kids have so much energy?! 

A very happy but tired big monkey returned home to open his presents and enjoy (more) Liverpool themed presents! 

Happy Birthday Son! We can't believe you are 7 already. Where have the last 7 years gone? 

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