Project 365 - Week 18

Day 116. Another visit to see my parents and just a short time on the boat.
Day 117. Yuck. This snail was winging his way slowly up our conservatory doors.
Day 118. I recently went clothes shopping and am thrilled with my size 10 look! 
Day 119. New shoes for both monkeys. Little monkey chose these ones.
Day 120. Mostly sunny but chilly day. Those rain clouds soon closed in! Very little rain considering.
Day 121. I spent the day baking cupcakes for big monkeys party and this birthday cake for him.
Day 122. Happy 7th Birthday big monkey! He is delighted with his Liverpool 3rd kit.

Sorry, some of the photo's aren't of great quality this week! No idea why, as I've used the same camera I always do. Have a great Bank Holiday weekend everyone! 
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