Project 365 - Week 19

Day 123. My two nutters after big monkeys party 'showing off' some of his Birthday gifts! 
Day 124. Meet our new family pets. 
Day 125.  Settling in and doing nicely. We love them.
Day 126. Glued to Paw Patrol before school.
Day 127. Rather nice afternoon picnic spot with big monkeys class as the school was closed for polling. 
Day 128. Little monkey would have climbed in with the babies if he could! He adores the guinea pigs.
Day 129. Whoops. New shoes ordered earlier in the week! I've not really got a shoe problem. Honest! 

Well, usually I would be linking up with The Boy and Me but they are taking a much needed break from Project 365 at present. Don't worry, they'll be back. Instead this is a blog hop and you can see others posts below. 
Hope you've had a great week!  

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