The Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van - Review

The Uggly's Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van from Character looked to be right up the monkey's street when I saw it, so I was thrilled to be asked to review one with them. What young boys would not love a van that makes over 30 gross sounds and involves dirty dogs and mischief?! 
Aimed at children aged 5+ the van comes with a slobby Saint Bernard. More Uggly's dogs can bought for £3 per two characters. We were sent two sets of two dogs meaning the monkeys had five to play with. Each ugly in their own endearing way! 
Open the van up to spy a loo, sit a dirty dog on it and hear it parp and the loo flush. Dip the dogs in the bath to hear the bubbles and hound burp. Weigh them on the scales and see the dial move. Drive them around town too and listen to the engine roar and the drive belching! Both monkeys love this! Luckily there is an on off switch underneath! I tend to think it's cool too to be honest and it's certainly kept little monkey in entertained. A little bit of fun!
In this short video you can hear some of it's hilarious gross sounds! The Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van costs £20 at all leading toy shops. It seems robust and worth the money. 
We've even bought little monkey an extra set of dogs, so now he has seven of the dirty hounds to take about town and wash in his van! 
A farting 'smelly' van.....the monkeys are in heaven! ;) I think we may need to get more from the Ugglys range.
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