Week 21 Project 365 Round Up!

Day 137. Our furry friends are using their run whilst their hutch is being cleaned out. Still smitten with them!
Day 138. Each morning the monkeys insist on holding their pets, even whilst still in their PJ's!
Day 139. I had a little sort of my wardrobe which left most of what you see gone to make way for new clothes! 
Day 140. Review for Baker Days, I asked for this cake as Hubby and I celebrate our 8th Wedding Anniversary soon.
Day 141. Happy smiley face (on the teapot) for my almost 3lb weightloss this week. Taking me beyond my target! 
Day 142. Big monkey styled both their hair, making them look very handsome indeed.
Day 143. Lovely to see one of our hydrangea's in bloom. This is the oldest of the two which last year we thought was dead.

Missing linking up with The Boy and Me each week and thinking of them! It's been busy but now we're into half term and ready for a bit of R&R.

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