What's in The Box - Degustabox

Last month was no different to any other when our Degustabox arrived and I opened it to see what was inside! To keep the suprise I try not to read the email before it arrives and avoid looking in detail on instagram until ours is opened! Sad? Maybe! 
Here's what was inside Aprils Box.

1) Veetee Microwaveable rice - £1.49 each
2) Kingfisher Beer - £2 a bottle
3) New Schwartz Curry mixes - £1.08 each
4) Cirio Tinned Tomatoes & paste - £1.69 & £1.20
5) Kinder Chocolates with cereals & Choco-bons - £1.55 each
6) Barry's Tea, gold blend - £1.75
7) Scheckters Organic energy drink - £1.35
8) Wonjo Hibiscus drink
9) Idrinq Enhancement drink - £1.49 per can
10) Debeukelaer Cookies Bakery - £2 a box
11) Nandos Grooves Cut Potato Chips - 69p each

Another great mix of food items, to suit all tastes. We're not really into the energy drinks here but know they are popular. You can use the code P9609 to get £3 off the registration cost when signing up to Degustabox.

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