Woohoo - Target Hit!

So not only have I hit my original 3 and a half stone loss target I've smashed it this week! Down almost 3lbs from last week. I'm delighted, I'm now 3 stone 9lbs lighter than I was back in mid Novemeber 2014. 

This is a HUGE achievement for me and has not only left me feeling fitter, thinner and much more confident but happier, healthier and mentally so much better! 
I feel so good infact that I'm now planning on trying to lose another 5lb. I really think I can do it.
Gosh, I've not felt this good since I was about 25yrs old and I'm beginning to think even my new size 10 clothes are too big for me. How mad is that! I never imagined in my wildest dreams I might get to be a size 8 potentially. I would have been delighted with a 12! 
Thanks to you all for your continued support and for reading my updates.

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