Dreaming of White Sands and Hot Sun!

Collaborative post.

Do you know, the last time I flew anywhere remotely hot was 8 years ago for our honeymoon in Kenya! We'd decided that we really weren't that fussed about taking the monkeys abroad for a holiday when they were really young but truth be told we couldn't really afford to do so either. 

Now they are older, and big monkeys school mates are flying here and there with their families, it got me thinking! Where would we actually like to go and where would we want to take them if we could do so?! 

Of course the Florida theme parks come to mind as does New York. Both places I've been to before. Maybe one day we'll get to take the monkeys to Orlando but for now closer to the UK springs to mind. Somewhere we can fly to but that isn't a million miles away. Somewhere the monkeys can experience a pool by the villa, afternoon siesta's and hubby and I can have a sangria. 

Here's a wish list of my top 10 places I would personally like to visit! 

1) Florida - Magic Kingdom really is something to behold. I'd love the monkeys to experience it when they are old enough to remember.

2) New York - Hubby and I went when we 1st met and we both loved it. I think it's an adults only destination, somewhere he and I can eat, shop and be merry.

3) Cyprus - Again somewhere we've been before, not too far from home and full of fantastic beaches and steeped in myth and history. We went to Paphos and loved it there. Coral Bay was particularly fab.
4) Portugal - I've always wanted to go here. Hubby would of course have to take his golf clubs! A chance for the monkeys and I to explore whilst daddy hits the 19th hole.
5) Italy - This is somewhere Hubby and I have been talking about going for our 10th wedding anniversary. It's in 2yrs time, so we shall see if we get there!

6) The Maldives - One of my dream destinations. Stunning beaches, beautiful resorts and clear blue waters. Sounds amazing doesn't it.

7) Lanzarote - One of the Canary Islands I've never been to. You have to try them all don't you.
8) San Fransisco - I've watched so many films over the years that are filmed on the hills of San Fransisco that I'd love to visit and ride those trams! 

9) Australia - Western or East I really don't mind. It's just somewhere I've always wanted to go. I have friends who live in Perth so maybe that would be a great place to start.

10) Spain - Mainland Spain is somewhere I've never been. Marbella in particular with it's yatch's, bars, swish hotels and shopping galore is just where every girl needs to experience! I know I wouldn't say no! 
So there you go! My 10 ten places I'd love to visit in no particular order. Where you you go? Somewhere on this list or entirely different? 

I'd love to know!

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