Hot Wheels Trackset and T-Shirt's - Review

Having two monkeys, of course they love cars. Racing them and playing at 'crashes'. We have all sorts of cars, big and small and some Hot Wheels too. Recently we were sent a new Hot Wheels trackset by Mattel along with two Hot Wheels t-shirts from Zara to review! How awesome is that? The monkeys thought it was VERY awesome! 
We recieved the Super Speed Blastway, the beige Hot Wheels t-shirt for big monkey and the navy one for little monkey.

The Hot Wheels T-Shirts
From the popular clothing store Zara, these t-shirts from their Hot Wheels collection are set to please any young lad who loves racing cars and Hot Wheels. Priced at £7.99 each they won't break the bank either. Each with the official logo on they come in sizes to fit aged 3-12 years. Well made, they wash well and are so far keeping their shape!
Both monkeys love their new t-shirts and look great in them. 
Super Speed Blastway Trackset
The monkeys were so so excited to get this trackset set up and running, which was quick and easy to do both with and without the instruction leaflet that came with it. Even I could manage it! It comes with one die cast Hot Wheels car so we added another from the small collection of Hot Wheels they already own. That way they could race each other. 

The set seems more robust than some of the other sets we have previously had and has so far with stood being played with regularly. Everything needed is in the box along with stickers for the targets. The track can be interconnected with other Hot Wheels sets, though we not yet tried this. 

Kids can send their Hot Wheels car flying on the Super Speed Blastway, and battle it out against their competition until the finish flag decides who the ultimate champion is! Racers launch up towards the grandstands so fast, they knock off the pit crew one at a time with every lap, until the car in the lead activates the checkered flag for a grand victory. 

Kids will love the side-by-side racing action controlled by two slam launchers. The grandstands feature pop off characters which are released after the completion of each lap around the speedway, and the finish flag appears at the end of the race to reward the winner!

Suitable for ages 4+ this is perfect for the monkey's. It appeals to their competitive nature and we can all take turns seeing who's car is the winner. The trackset is so easy to use. Just load the cars (only one is provided), pound the slam launchers to send the cars racing and they should release the targets. The first player to blast the checkered flag wins!
It's not a quiet toy but in this house many aren't! The monkeys also shout and cheer whilst playing it but that of course adds to the fun. With a RRP of £22.99 this Super Speed Blastway is set to be a popular buy.

We were sent the trackset and t-shirts for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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