My BritMums Live Experience 2015

Last year I went to BritMums Live for the first time and loved it. So I was very keen to go again this year and that is exactly what I did! If you didn't already know (then where have you been) BritMums was this last weekend. From 2pm Friday until 6pm Saturday, in a wonderful London venue full of parent bloggers. It seemed slightly less busy than last year. 
The Brewery London
The Twirly Woos from Cbeebies were there to greet us and what a sight they were! Sadly I somehow managed to miss having my photo taken with them but I did manage to be wrapped as a Mummy! 
The Twirly Woos 
You see, this year BritMums decided as an icebreaker, they'd like to see if we could break a world record! A room full of, mainly Mums, had to either wrap or be wrapped in toilet roll from head to toe like Egyptian Mummies in an attempt to see how many Mummies we could make in 3 minutes. To everyone's delight and under strict adjudication from the bods at The Guinness Book Of Records we broke the record! Now that is awesome and was fun to do too! The monkeys were delighted mummy is a world record breaker! 
Guinness Book Of Records Attempt
Me As a Mummie
My Friday at BriMums was a whirlwind of hello's, meeting brands and entering their competitions, cups of tea and general chit chat. So many bloggers came up to me to congratulate me on my recent weight loss. I felt like a celebrity! My roomie AK from My Buggy Junction, myself and Jane from Our Little Escapades decided we wouldn't stay for the Brilliance In Blogging Awards after the BIB''s drinks party. We went to our hotel to check in and change instead. I hear the awards went well and wish to congratulate all the winners.
Dinner that night was at Wagamamas, over 30 of us sat at one long bench table with lots of raucous noise and laughter. A great way to end the first part of our BritMums weekend.
Joules Competition
Onto Saturday which starts with breakfast at BritMums, we missed the first ten minutes of sessions as we'd decided to breakfast at our hotel instead. I've found the Saturday to be far calmer and more relaxed as bloggers attend sessions they wish to. There were tea and coffee breaks, and of course lunch during the day. It flew by! I found the sessions I attended were very informative and useful. The "embracehappy" session was the most thought provoking. I made a point of missing some sessions to use the wonderful craft room and mingle amongst the brands. This is where I caught up with friends and met other bloggers I'd only 'met' through social media before. I loved all of it! Lunch was delicious and everyone was so friendly.
I'm delighted to have got the chance to make some no-sow bunting in the craft room. It was so relaxing and calming sat there chatting away to other bloggers whilst getting my craft on!
Me on the way to day 2
With Freddy Bear
The best and most poignant part of the weekend for me was the bloggers keynote session at the end. Caprice spoke first and was so down to earth. I really liked her. Next it was the turn of bloggers who had been voted to read out blog posts from their blogs. Funny ones, sad ones and of course, heart-breaking ones, they all bought something special to the stage! I salute them all. 
I'd say this years BritMums Live was better than last year (but that's probably mainly down to last years being my first). I met and chatted to so many more bloggers this year that I had wanted to meet. For me seeming less busy and full-on was a huge bonus too! I loved all of it! 

Thanks so much to Dry Like Me, as without their sponsorship I doubt I would have been able to go. Thanks also to BritMums for the fab organisation and goodie bags. I'm already looking forward to going again next year! 

If I didn't say hello to you please forgive me. I'm not the best at speaking first, or recognising faces! I hope you enjoyed it if you went, as much as I did! Hope to see you there next year!

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