New Curtains!

A few years ago we pretty much had our whole house redecorated, except for our Kitchen. We'd had a loft conversion and all except the Kitchen was effected. Luckily we had budgeted for a decorator to come in and decorate. Our lounge was re-papered on one wall and the others were painted. Once that was done I then set about accessorising with cushions, curtains and a rug but have never been overly impressed with the curtains I chose! They matched my colour scheme well but were thin and not quite right. Ever since I've been on the look out for something to replace them and recently got some fab curtains from Julian Charles. 
They are similar in colour and match our scheme well but the stripes on them are horizontal instead of vertical. They are much thicker and are lined so will be warmer during the winter months. 
I've opted for the same drop but each curtain is wider so they look fuller. With the eyelet tops they easily fitted onto our curtain pole and were so easy to hang quickly. I'm really pleased with them! The only downside is that they are dry clean only which wouldn't be my preferred way to clean them.
Julian Charles have a variety of curtains, cushions, bedding and other soft furnishings. There are curtains with varying types of finish but I prefer the eyelet ones personally.
I love that these are an almost perfect match to our wallpaper colours, our wooden window blind and carpet. I'm delighted with them. Much better than what we had.

We we kindly sent these curtains from Julian Charles for the purpose of this post.

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