Stamptastic - Review

Ever wonder what you did with your time as a parent before clothes needed labeling for preschool and school?! I remember as a child watching my mum sew loads of name labels into mine and my brothers clothes but luckily things have come a long way since then! 
As Stamptastic Ambassadors we've been reviewing the fab Stamptastic. Stamptastic you say? 
I'd not come across them until recently either but basically it's this! 
"A new fast way of naming all your belongings!
A personalised stamp usable on fabric, metal, wood & some plastics.
No more sewing or ironing on labels.
No more losing your pencil case or P.E. kit!
Now you can just stamp everything!
Transparent block for accurate, easy positioning".

Started by three mum's with eight children between them, they realised that their friends were having to label their children's belonging's, often last minute!

"Most existing labelling methods are time consuming and fiddly. With so many competing demands on your time, who wants to give up their Sunday evening when you could be enjoying a glass of vino watching Downton"?

"So that’s why we came up with Stamptastic! A nifty little ink pad and stamp/s personalised with your child’s name. It’s the fastest way to name your kids belongings and it looks much more attractive than a quickly scrawled name in biro (we’ve all done it)! The ink lasts on fabric for up to 50 washes (by which time your beloved one will probably have grown out of it or trashed it anyway!) and the ink pad itself should last at least 2 years if you keep it in its little silver bag. In fact some of our first customers back in 2011 are reporting that their ink pads are still going strong today"!

I found the ordering process so quick and easy, you just add the name and logo you want, add your ink pad, order and pay. Quick trouble free delivery and you're ready to get stamping! 

Use the ink pad plus personalised stamp and away you go! 
A standard stamp is £10 and the ink pad is £12. Very cost effective seeing as both can be used over and over! Stamptastic do other stamps too but the standard one is best suited to our current needs. 
With little monkey starting school in September, and big monkey moving onto Junior school I just know I'm going to love using our stamps and ink!
The ink pad comes foil sealed to help keep it fresh, and can be re-sealed. It should last a long time if kept in the foil when not in use.
The stamps are transparent so that you can easily see where you are placing the stamp and as well as names, there are icons you can personalise them with! I've added a football to big monkeys and a cat to little monkeys! 
The ink pad comes in it's own little lidded case and comes in black ink, so it's easy to read. There are coloured ink pads to order for paper use only.
Very easy to use and lightweight, even the kids could get involved in labeling their belongings! 

Having had a little play I'm actually looking forward to labeling the monkeys stuff as and when we get it ready for the Autumn term. I'm not so sure I'm as ready for them to hit such huge milestones but there's nothing I can do about that! 
I shall post some more photo's as I use the stamp, so you can see just what you can use it on. I shall also be reporting more as a Stamptastic Ambassador so watch this space!

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