Teary Eyed and Emotional

Gosh, I've known for a long time that going to school will be good for little monkey who was four at the end of January! I know, shoot me now! He is after all still only a baby, but he wants to be like his big brother! He is ready to learn and wants to be with his friends. 
Now the time has come to take him up to his new school for visits, a trial lunch, uniform purchasing and so on I'm actually really rather emotional! How can my baby be starting school?! To top off my feelings of emotion, teary eyes and what ifs, his operation is very soon and reading through the do's and dont's of day surgery is really quite upsetting me. It brings back memories of seeing him go down to theatre last year and watch him come to afterwards. Not something we were hoping to put him through again!
How can my big baby be leaving infants and starting juniors? He only started five minutes ago! There is so much going on with them both to say hello and goodbye I just know they'll be tears (not just from them).
How do parents cope with all this change and the roller coaster of feelings these huge milestones have upon us?! I already need tissues! 

I'm just not ready for them to take the next step!

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