TOMY - John Deere Monster Treads Shake and Sounds Tractor

Both monkeys have been known in their time to LOVE all things with wheels. Little monkey still does and tractors are no exception. He was recently sent a fabulous John Deere Monster Treads Shake and Sounds Tractor from Tomy to play with during the recent half term. It's sure been put through it's paces! 
TOMY - John Deere Monster Treads Shake and Sounds Tractor
The tractor was reasonably easy to unpackage as kids toys go. So many are so difficult to unbox with the multitude of safety and security features they have!
Luckily it didn't take long for little monkey to get his hands on the tractor. He found the little red button on the back of it very quickly, which in turn when pressed activates the sounds and shake feature. Very realistic sounds mean his new tractor sounds like his Uncles real one.
The huge monster tread wheels are fab, meaning it can be tipped back and balances, it can be pushed with ease on the grass in the garden and can be whizzed around indoors. He is thrilled with it. Tomy have a great range of other John Deere vehicles available on their website, this being our first I'm very impressed with it.
The John Deere Monster Treads Shake and Sounds Tractor is aimed at children aged 3-8 years and comes complete with 3 x AAA batteries. The battery compartment is hidden under the bonnet of the tractor and despite being used lots we've yet to change them as they've lasted very well. It's priced at £19.99 which I think is great value for money as it will last the strength of time. 
It gets a huge thumbs up from both monkeys here! We've yet to find something we dislike about it. All pieces are still present and correct and he is still enjoying it daily. That speaks for itself! 

We were sent this toy from Tomy for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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