Value of Mum?

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Ever thought about the true value of Mum? As far as I'm concerned Mum is priceless! I know my Mum's value to me and no amount of money could buy it! Until you become a mum yourself you really don't realise the true value of mum! It's something hubby is trying to slowly make the monkeys aware of. Mum doesn't just feed the children and mop their tears when they are hurt. She does so much more and often it's unnoticed!
Legal and General have been investigating and according to their 2013 Value of a Parent research, discovered that if Mum's were paid their salary would be worth around £31,627. For Dad's it's £23,971. Mum's are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Like Dad's often are too of course! 

Child care bills, cleaning, the weekly shop, taxi service...there's a value to every single thing you do for your family.

The value of a Mum is sometimes overlooked when families try to work out their life insurance needs. The research also highlights that the average family spends £8,580 a year raising their children, which is £154,440 over 18 years. Nowadays of course it runs to much more with 'children' living at home with their parents well past their late teens.
If Mum was no longer alive where would the money needed to pay for domestic work and child-care come from? Who would fill the gap and help maintain the families living standards? This is something we need to ask ourselves more!

Why not take the first steps in helping to provide financial security for your family and get a quote for life insurance with Legal and General today.

The cost certainly does add up. The true value of Mum cannot be measured.

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