Week 24 - Project 365 Round Up!

OK, so the guinea pigs feathure heavily this week! We've been busy at school, preschool and work so to be honest I've not been great at using the camera!
Here's our week.

Day 158. Little monkey had both baby sisters on his lap Sunday, whilst their hutch was being cleaned out.
Day 159. Mummy guinea pig got cuddles this time. She avoids being lifted out usually!
Day 160. Sadly it's time to sell little monkeys train table as he doesn't play with it now. It served him well.
Day 161. A Costa date with daddy and little monkey.
Day 162. Whoops, I think I have a shoe problem! Shopping at it's best!
Day 163. I loved seeing this in bud Friday. Shame the flowers don't last too long once opened.
Day 164. More cuddles for the babies. Big monkey is a dab hand at passing them out to his brother.

How has your week been?
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