Weeks 25 & 26 - Project 365

New Nails
Breakfast Dining
BritMums Mummies
Scoff and Banter
Day 165. Little monkey sporting his Dad's retro Arsenal shirt!
Day 166. About ready to start my boxing fitness class, little did I know I would be presented with champagne and a card for member of the month straight afterwards.
Day 167. New nails already for BritMums.
Day 168. Gorgeous setting for breakfast with girlfriends and little monkey.
Day 169. It's a goal! 4st off.
Day 170. Don't ask! We broke a world record at BritMums.
Day 171. Saturday nights main course whilst reviewing a restaurant with AK from My Buggy Junction.
Train Selfie
Memeber Of The Month

Deserted Teddies

Guinea Pigs
Day Surgery
Buggysnuggle Picnic Blanket
Day 172. Homeward bound selfie on Father's Day.
Day 173. This week I'm in the members newsletter at the gym!
Day 174. Poor deserted toys little monkey just left on the floor! 
Day 175. Sunflowers we bought to brighten the garden.
Day 176. We appear to have three visitors on the conservatory sofa and two cheeky monkeys! 
Day 177. Little monkey was very brave having surgery on his ears. This was him waiting to go down to theatre.
Day 178. Early morning play in the garden before it gets too hot! 

Sorry we missed last week! I was at BritMums last weekend and thought it would be better to do two weeks now instead! It's been a good few weeks but I'm glad yesterdy is over with! Now we can concentrate on end of term for both monkeys!

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