Project 365 Days 186 - 192

Paddington Station
Alfresco Breakfast
New Outfit
Lunch in the Sun!

Day 186. We met my family in London and took the monkeys to the Princess Diana Memorial Park and to Paddington Station!
Day 187. A busy start to the week but first a lovely relaxed breakfast with a friend in the sun!
Day 188. Little monkeys preschool day out today. He loved it, especially the tractor and train ride.
Day 189. Wearing more new clothes and shoes. So many people commented on my colourful Primark top!
Day 190. A solitary lily in the garden. I had to snap it.
Day 191. On a first aid course today it was great to get some sunshine at lunchtime! 
Day 192. We stopped off at Epping & Ongar Railway this morning to see the vintage buses and trains.

This week has been somewhat busy and at times stressful! I've worked more due to training and there has been lots going on! I'm looking forward to when the monkeys break up for summer! Who's with me?!  

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