Project 365 - Week 27!


Day 179. The sun was hiding Sunday. The start of a hot week! 
Day 180. After shopping with a friend I dined outside in the garden for lunch.
Day 181. Little monkey took part in his Preschool sports day. 
Day 182. Cooling down at my friends pool. 
Day 183. Finally the Hydrangea flowers! 
Day 184. The monkeys have taken to bringing the guinea pigs indoors for snuggles in the mornings!
Day 185. Another scorcher despite a huge storm in the night. It's very muggy today.

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This week has been busy with little monkeys sports day, shopping trips, a girls night out for me and the usual work commitments. The next few weeks until the end of term look set to be even busier! 
Hope everyone has had a great week!


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