Second Op For Little Monkey!

As some of you may know last Friday little monkey had another operation. On his ears again but this time to remove the grommets! One had granulation on it where skin was growing over it and the other grommet had got stuck in a large lump of wax. We were asked, like before to arrive at the hospital at 07.30 and were on the same ward as last time. The nurses even remembered him! As with last time he was treated with care, thought and attention to make the process as smooth and as stress free as possible.
Waiting for his op 
Being third on the list I was asked to escort him into theatre at around 09.00 leaving hubby waiting on the ward. At this point having been very brave little monkey did break down a little. He didn't want to be taken down to theatre on the bed so I walked with him in my arms. That moment he broke down was hard! For hubby and I! 
Happier playing
The team were so good with him and distracted him with Peppa Pig on the iPad whilst they inserted a cannula in his hand and then administered the anaesthetic. They warmed me when he would fall asleep on my lap so that between us we could safely transfer him to the bed. Then I was led back to the ward to wait. 
It's very surreal and unnerving when you pop downstairs whilst your little one is having a procedure, to see two firefighters in the building in their firefighting gear! I've no idea what had gone on but as quickly as we saw them they left! 
Almost time
Little monkey was away from us for about 30 minutes before a nurse bought him back from recovery asleep. He looked so peaceful cuddled up to his new cuddly dog. Much calmer than last year when he was disorientated and frightened on waking.
He was soon sat up in bed having a drink and being encouraged to eat. Only then could the play room that was beckoning him be used and only after he had seen the surgeon to talk us through the op, could he be discharged to go home.
Brave boy
Once again I'm amazed at his strength and the work the Doctors and Nurses do. Little monkey was a superstar and you'd never have known he'd had an op come the weekend. We were on our way back home by 12noon!

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