Thinking further about making more home improvements!

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As I've previously mentioned we are thinking of making more home improvements instead of moving and will need to think about how we are going to fund those improvements! However we do that, we are certain it will work out cheaper than the cost of moving house.

According to a 2014 survey by Lloyds Bank*, 40 per cent of people undertake renovations to improve the look of their home, while 33 per cent do it to add value. In all honesty we shall be doing it for both of those reasons!  

Our first port of call will no doubt be our mortgage provider which of course will mean credit checks and more checks but needs must if we want to go forward with our plans.

It won't be the first time we've borrowed to make big home improvements. We did so for our loft conversion a few years ago, so we know what to expect.
With more and more people deciding to make home improvements and carrying out DIY we're a nation of people looking for the next project! Some very small and costing just pounds, others much bigger and needing some organisation to get the funds in place if like us you're not able to save as you would like! 

Your own bank is a good starting point and ours often mentions mortgages and/or being eligible for a loan when we go in there for banking! They would always be our first port of call before shopping around and searching elsewhere for a loan or adding more onto the mortgage.

You can learn more about your credit rating and identity fraud when searching for those all important answers to your finances for home improvements.
Keep your fingers crossed we can get this project running! I'll let you know how our plans move forward.

*Data taken from Experian blog.


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