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With the holidays here and the monkeys needing things to keep them entertained, interested and educated, whilst we can't always go out and about, we are always on the look out for toys, games and even apps to do just that. 
Tiggly have now come across the pond from the USA and as from today are available in the UK.
Tiggly learning systems are educational apps and supporting toys for children between the ages of 2yrs and 8yrs. There are three different systems each with a different theme and age target. Tiggly Maths for ages 3-7yrs, Tiggly Words for 4-8yrs and Tiggly Shapes for 2-5yrs. 
We have been trying the Tiggly Maths and Tiggly Words apps. With little monkey starting school in September I felt these would be best suited to him.
"Tiggly Toys have silicone touch points so your tablet reacts to them just like your fingertips. Tap and the screen reacts.

No need for batteries, bluetooth or wifi, the magic is in its simplicity!"
The monkeys have been using the apps mostly daily now since we got them. The Maths system comes with five interactive number toys and 3 apps (Tiggly Addventure, Tiggly Chef and Tiggly Cardtoons) and a little bag to keep the toys in.
We use an iPad2 and found the apps very easy to install. Ready to use in a jiffy. All apps are available on the AppStore and on Google Play.
Whilst little monkey found using the apps more tricky than big monkey he did soon grasp how placing the toys on the screen gave him answers that then led to the next phase of the game. Big monkey is very good at maths and had no problems at all selecting the right number 'blocks' to get the answers he needed to continue.
Such a clever interactive system! It kept their attention for some time.
They especially love the Tiggly chef app! Sadly I've not yet had time to have a good play myself but I can assure you I will be! 
There is the option with each app to play without the toys but both monkey have prefered to use them. I think they are a great addition.

The Tiggly Word system comes with 5 interactive toys (the 5 vowels), a storage bag and free access to a 3 apps – Tiggly Submarine, Tiggly Doctor and Tiggly Tales. We've played with this less for no reason other than the boys have chosen to play the Maths ones more but again found this very easy to follow and use. Ideal for it's target audience.
Being 4yrs old little moneky randomly placed the vowels on the screen to make 'words' but big monkey (7yrs) easily made up correct words, which resulted in pictures popping up on screen depicting the words he had made. With sounds and celebrations too when used correctly. Brilliant! I love this, and really feel it will come in so useful when little monkey starts school.
The 3 different Tiggly packages retail at £24.99 each so with all 3 that would cost a fair bit but in my mind they would prove to be a great learning tool for children who want to improve on their skills or for those just starting their education like little monkey. We would be interested to see how Tiggly Shapes fair.

I can see the Tiggly systems being just as popular here in the UK as much as they are in the USA. Thanks Tiggly. We love it!

Now LIVE on QVC Tiggly are offering a 20% limited time discount (already deducted from the QVC price).

We were gifted the soft Tiggly toy and two learning systems for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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