Top Tips For Travelling to London with Kids

Now I'm no pro but I like to think I'm a dab hand at planning for family days out. I'm thinking packing, preparing snacks, planning for when we are at our destination and so on. So I decided I would list my top 10 tips for travelling to London with children! 
Leciester Square
  1. Use the easiest form of transport - we use the train as the monkeys love it and I'm not willing to drive into the City!
  2. Pack for all eventualities. Hoodies, snacks, spare set of clothes, mobile phone, oyster cards, water.......
  3. Take crayons and paper for the journey and/or when in restaurants.
  4. Try and plan your day online before leaving home.
  5. Make sure you know where toilets are. The best will be in cafes and restaurants but those you pay 20p to get into are OK too!
  6. Take a tube map with you or get one once there.
  7. Try and plan fun but free or inexpensive activities for the children. We love searching for the child friendly statues in London.
  8. Prepare for walking, so ensure the kids have comfy shoes on.
  9. Stick together and if you do split up when there, do make sure both parties have a mobile phone.
  10. Have fun and take lots of photo's.
Paddington Station
I must say I do usually end up taking too much but I'd rather be covered and of course using a rucksack is a must as then you have free hands for keeping little ones safe and close.
Liverpool Street Station
What is your top tip for travelling (into London specificially)? Please do share!

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