Toys from House of Fraser

We're soon having a family holiday so have been looking for family games we can take for everyone to play! We're also looking at travel sized games the monkeys can play, that are small, lightweight and easy to store. House of Fraser do a great range of toys including family games and some travel games too so we've been having a little test prior to our travels! 
Selection of Toys from House of Fraser
How cool to get all this for £30 in the House of Fraser Sale! Perfect, just what we were looking for.
Traditional Ludo with a popular current twist, Disney Frozen Ludo is for age 4+ and for 2-4 players.
Snakes and Ladders
Our Snakes and Ladders got damaged so a replacement was needed and this Disney Frozen version is just the ticket. Again aimed at age 4+, this means little monkey can play! For 2-4 players it's perfect for us!
Connect 4
We love the full sized version of Connect 4, so this travel version will be ideal on holiday for killing time whilst the monkeys wait for the adults to get ready. Although for age 6+ little monkey loves it! This ones for 2 players.
Guess Who
Another favourite here, this is a relatively new game to the monkeys but they love it. As with Connect 4 it's for age 6+ and for 2 players.
Entirely new to the monkeys Simon is one I remember as a child. Electronic with sounds it's for age 8+. It came already fitted with batteries. Big monkey is trying to perfect his observation and memory skills! He is better than me!
Playing Sankes and Ladders
We're trying to stop big monkey from cheating when playing family board games and to teach little monkey it's OK not to win! Fun is had though playing Snakes and Ladders. The monkeys love it when the adults have to slide down the snakes! This version is well made and compact. The board comes folded in four.
Playing Ludo
Again, the Ludo board comes folded in four and with extensive play instructions. The monkeys had never played this before but soon grasped how it works.
Playing Simon
Big monkey is really enjoying trying to beat Simon! I have no hope! My skills are poor. This is definitely coming away with us, as it's ideal for the car journey or quiet times. 

The travel sized Connect 4 and Guess Who are both great and just smaller versions of the regular ones. We've played but forgot the photo's! There lots of competitiveness in this house that's for sure! 

I'm delighted House of Fraser gifted these games to us for this post, meaning we now have a great selection to take away with us. They do a far great range of toys which you can see here!
Which is your favourite family board game? 

We're going on an adventure

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