Warm Stripe Fleece Massive Picnic Rug - Review

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As you may well remember when little monkey was smaller we reviewed for award winning Buggysnuggle. Sadly of course he no longer uses a buggy and therefore we have no need for a Buggysnuggle footmuff but alas not, Buggysnuggle now do massive picnic rugs! This is great news and most exciting as we have been reviewing one! 
The Buggysnuggle Company became a reality in 1998, since then the company has grown and their brand expanded. They now sell the original Buggysnuggle, hats, dinkysnuggles, babysnuggles, cotton footmuffs, flower wraps and of course the fleece massive picnic rugs.
Massive Picnic Rug
The BeachBug Picnic rug is huge at 3 metres long by 1.45 metres wide. It comes rolled with black waterproof backing and is topped with the warm and soft ever popular fleece. This one pictured is Warm Stripe. There are four more designs - Bright Flower, Stripy Shapes, Bright Bubbles and Sailing Boats. Each has their own built in strap and buckle so that it can be secured tight for carrying!
Warm Stripe Fleece Rug
Waterproof Backed Picnic Rug
Heavy duty but so so soft to lay on, play on, eat on, sunbath on it's fabulous! This photo below shows just how big the rug is......almost the size of the floor space in our lounge!
Massive Picnic Rug
It's made from 100% polyester and measures 300 x 140cm. Can be washed and tumble dried. Washing instructions as below!
Family Picnic Rug
We've used it at the park on a family picnic and there was plenty of room for the four of us plus all our food with room to spare. No other picnic blanket will ever match up again to this one!
Fleece Rug
We've not yet had the need to wash it but I have wiped some dried mud off the waterproof backing. The monkeys love it just as much as I do, and have made themselves comfortable on it!
Sunbathing On The Rug
Being short I can lay on it and sunbathe with plenty of room left for the monkeys too. I've been meaning to lay us all down next to each other in a row and take a photo to show just how big it is!
Chips On The Rug
We've taken it to the beach and had chips on it. The monkeys have also used it in the garden to play on, although I think at one point they did attempt to see if they could use it as a magic carpet!
Playing With Toys On The Rug
It's a firm car boot favourite now, where we know we'll have it for any eventuality. I know we'll regret not taking it should it ever be left at home. It's even coming on holiday with us! At £45 it's not cheap but so so worth it. A luxurious blanket that can be used over and over for many a reason. 
There is nothing we don't like about it! I was even tempted to wrap myself in it when the sun went in at the beach. Thanks so much Buggysnuggle.

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