A Photo A Day! Project 365

Its' been another mixed week weather wise so we've done what we can when we can! No work for me this week as hubby and I were away for a few nights last weekend. It was lovely. Here's our week in photo's.

Day 235. Lovely morning in Cambridge so after a walk along the river hubby and I went on a Punt tour.
Day 236. Monday was not so good! Wet and half the temperature of just two days before! Yuck!
Day 237. A visit to see friends from My Buggy Junction, they were all clued to something on TV!
Day 238. Woken up far too early so I sneaked back off to bed with a coffee and dozed whilst the monkeys played.
Day 239. At last some blue sky! Yipee.
Day 240. Exploring (and hiding) and RHS Hyde Hall as newly enrolled members.
Day 241. The new skywalk at a fab country park close to us. Too high and scary without daddy to help so we'll go back and do it another day! 

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