Big Days - GORE-TEX® Shoes - Building Sand Sculptures!

The monkeys seems to have developed a like for shoes just like me! Why ever that is, I don't know! We were therefore very pleased when announced as GORE-TEX® Ambassadors and excited to see which shoes the monkeys would be sent. 

Having good footwear is important to us as we believe it helps their growing feet and of course it's better value for money. Shoes made from GORE-TEX® are ideal for the monkeys and the lifestyle we keep! Their shoes often get wet and muddy and wearing GORE-TEX® shoes therefore keep their feet dry and protects their shoes from damage.
We were sent two pairs of shoes for the monkeys to wear during the summer on big days and were pleased to see they fitted perfectly and happily both monkeys liked them.
Amongst other places, we've recently been away on holiday and of course took the monkeys new shoes with us. Being a coastal holiday I wanted to ensure they had shoes with them that would withstand getting wet, being covered in sand and generally put through their paces! 
I think building sand sculptures at Sandworld in Weymouth with plenty of water to bind the sand together was the ideal test for their new GORE-TEX® shoes! The monkeys never complained once that their feet were wet as of course they were not! 

We're looking forward to putting their new shoes through their paces some more over the holidays and are so far loving them. They seem hard wearing, easy for both monkeys to put on and take off and they both love having a matching pair.
Here's a little more info about their new Superfit GORE-TEX® shoes. "Extended Comfort Footwear keeps feet dry & comfortably cool. Ideal for moderate and warmer conditions and during higher activity levels. Thanks to the SURROUND® product technology these shoes offer 360 degree climate comfort. Excess sweat can escape just as easily through the shoe upper as it can through the large openings in the innovative sole construction". 

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