Disney's Inside Out - Talking Anger Doll Review

Did you take the children to see Disney's Inside Out during the holiday's? What did you think? 

I took little monkey and whilst I think he was too young to understand it he enjoyed it and so did I. I actually found it quite emotional. I found myself thinking about what emotions are triggered and 'saved inside' the monkeys heads!

The film is based in ‘Headquarters’, the control centre inside 11-year-old Riley’s mind. Five Emotions are hard at work, led by light-hearted optimist Joy, whose mission is to make sure Riley stays happy. Fear heads up safety, Anger ensures all is fair and Disgust prevents Riley from getting poisoned - both physically and socially. Sadness isn’t exactly sure what her role is, and frankly, neither is anyone else.

We shall definitely be getting the movie when it comes out on DVD. It's a great film. 
To celebrate the movie the Disney Store have some fab Inside Out merchandise. They have mugs, stationary, soft toys, balls, clothing, much more and this deluxe Anger Talking Doll. We've been getting to know him! This talking Anger figure brings one of Inside Out's most animated emotions to the playroom. Pressing his hand sends him into a rage, as he speaks one of 13 phrases.
Clutching one of the memory balls (which a photo of your 'anger' moment can be added to), Anger reminds me of me when I'm cross! Ha ha. Just touch his right hand and listen to him do his thing just like in the movie!    
His clothes are fully removable which the monkeys thought was hilarious and he is a formidable character! The monkeys love him. He retails at £25.95 from the Disney Store and is suitable for children aged 3 and over.
We've made a brief video of Anger in action! Be scared, be very scared! Just joking. I think he is actually very cool! If you saw the film which was your favourite character? I liked Joy best.
We were sent Anger for the purpose of this post.  
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Miffy Comes To Tiny Pop! - Giveaway!

Remember Miffy? Who doesn't! She celebrated 60 years this year. (60 years, how can that be so?) and returns to our TV screens very soon! Take a sneaky peek at the video below!
Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small airs from 2nd October at 7pm.
Featuring the iconic white bunny from the storybooks by Dick Bruna, the new series marks the first time Miffy has been seen in CGI.
The series comprises 52, seven minute long episodes which see Miffy and her friends exploring the exciting world around her. Simple narrative and fun songs ensure even the youngest children stay engaged throughout. 

Miffy’s new series will become a key part of Tiny Pop’s evening block, Cuddle Time, which features gentle programming allowing kids, mums and dads to enjoy calmer family favourites before bedtime. Tiny Pop has the strongest evening viewing figures in the kids’ category, from 7pm-midnight and will broadcast Mike the Knight, My Little Pony and Miffy from October as part of their autumn schedule.


To celebrate Miffy coming to TV this October I have a great Sensory Miffy to giveaway! Please complete the rafflecopter form below by Midnight 12/10/15. Open to UK residents only. T&C's apply. Good luck!
Sensory Miffy has 14 sensors which the child presses to hear what she has to say. She is made from colourful textured fabrics and is suitable for children aged 6+ months. Sure to be a massive hit this Christmas time. 

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Project 365 - A Photo A Day! Week 39

This week has seen little monkey going to school full days but alas he has had to have an enforced 48hrs off at the end of the week due to a tummy upset! Those dreaded school germs! I've been to my old 'home' County to see a good friend and reminisce and generally we've just gone about our daily living! We hope you've all had a great week.
Day 263. The monkeys cleaned their football boots whilst daddy cleaned the guinea pigs out! 
Day 264. Delicious toasted teacakes and coffee with hubby and a friend.
Day 265. At last some colour in the sky after rain all day! 
Day 266. We woke up to this far better blue sky and sunshine.
Day 267. Dressing for comfort and indoors today as youngest is off school.
Day 268. I just had to try these old trousers on when I realised I hadn't actually got rid of them! Incredible!
Day 269. Big monkeys first ever Laser tag party for his friends 8th birthday! It was great fun. He loved it.


School Run Style!

Doing the school run has been even more interesting than before now that little monkey is at school. Why? Because I've been doing it morning, noon and mid afternoon, there and back for the last two weeks! He has been settling in part time (as have all the foundation children) but the time has come this week for him to stay for full days. Phew! My new very comfy, pink Chuck Taylor converse can rest a bit now. I will not wear them out! 
I've been styling my new converse for the school run with comfy clothes fit for the weather! Not easy when it's raining one minute and sunny the next. Autumn really has come very quickly! Here I'm wearing high waisted skinny jeans and top. The scarf just sets the outfit off with it's pink hues to match my converse.
This time for the school run I wore jeggings and a floaty M&S blouse with pink and white flamingo's on. I thought the converse went really well with this combo!
So comfy and versatile, my new converse look great with shorts too and looked fab with this loose pink top, which matches the shoes perfectly! Since I've lost almost 4 and a half stone I've made so much more effort with my dress style and looks but of course I do it for me. Not the other mums at the school gates, or anybody else! If I'm in a rush I still try to make an effort. Looking good with comfy clothes and footwear is very important to me. 

I was sent these shoes for the purpose of this post.


Would You Take a Cruise?

Since the monkeys came along the furthest we've been is Weymouth! I'm not sure that's sad or not?! The last time hubby I went abroad was on our honeymoon over 8 yrs ago. We went to Kenya, and loved it. Before then we also went to Cyprus and New York! I really must get those monkeys a passport each. The thing is though until now, we haven't really wanted to, or felt the need to take them abroad. 
Now they are getting older I'm thinking it's about time we started to explore more and see some of the world. The UK is fab, but there are so many more places I'd like to go myself and I'm thinking about where the monkeys might like to go too. Somewhere not too far away to begin with would be good.
For starters maybe a day trip to Europe? They've yet to experience the ferry or Le Shuttle and of course have never flown! I think I was about eleven when I first flew. Maybe a break in the Mediterranean, either for us all or just hubby and I! I quite fancy a Mediterranean cruise. At their ages now, maybe this would be the ideal adults only getaway! 
Plenty of options are open to us if we were to cruise the Med. We could fly there and then cruise over a number of nights to suit us with an itinerary that we like the look of most. One starting in Palma and finishing in Malaga sounds perfect. With stops on the way at a few places I've always wanted to visit. Barcelona, Valencia, Cartagena and GibraltarSunshine, scenery, good food, great company, fab service. What more could one ask for?! I can see myself now, sunbathing on deck, glass of wine in hand, a good book.............Oh wait. Back to reality! School runs, washing, ironing, shopping. I can dream. 
Dreams do become reality sometimes though don't they! I will get that Mediterranean cruise one day and we will take the monkeys abroad on holiday.
Now where are those passport forms? I need to experience at least one cruise in my lifetime with or without the monkeys.

Photo credit: Thomson

Elektrokidz™ Giveaway

New to the UK, Elektrokidz™ are a massive success in the US and have made star appearances across the net, on music shows and at celebrity events. Elektrokidz™ are the only figures whose hair ‘dance and rock’ to the beat of the music you are listening to. Detecting high and low frequencies, each Elektrokidz™ has its own groovy hair dance, so collect them all to be united by the Beat! 
Elektrokidz™ – Whip that hair to the beat!

Elektrokidz™ are the first ever music-inspired collectables that dance to the beat of the music you are listening to! There are six groovy Elektrokidz™ to choose from, each sporting their own ultra-cool locks, a pair of stylised shades and totally bling colours. Nobody whips the hairdos like an Elektrokidz™!  
  • Music-inspired collectables that dance to the beat of any music you are listening to.
  • Beat detection - Picks up lowest and/or loudest frequency and moves hair to that beat.
  • No wires no connectivity, it simply listens for the music.
  • Six different Elektrokidz™ with 6 different hairstyles. Each hairstyle has its own unique way of dancing to the beat.
  • Suitable for ages 6 and over.
  • Available from Asda for £9.97 (rrp)

You can win a set of all 6 Elektrokidz™ dolls (rrp £59) by completing the rafflecopter form below! For grown ups and children alike they will bop away night and day. Open to UK residents only. T&C's apply. Giveaway closes Midnight 6th October 2015. Good Luck! 

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Puppy Surprise - Review

Little monkey as you know loves his animals. We have pet guinea pigs that he adores and imitates! He also likes toy cuddly dogs (which he mostly pretends are guinea pigs). Yes, strange I know! When I was recently asked if we would like to review Puppy Surprise I immediately said yes as I knew this would be something he would like! I was not wrong. He has taken her to bed each night ever since!
Puppy Surprise featuring a mummy dog with a surprise number of puppies in her litter. There are 3 mummy dogs to collect - Sugar, Zoey and Popcorn!
A pink and white plush puppy dog, we have Popcorn. She has a hard face, hairbands in her pink hair, sparkly personalised dog collar and puppy's in her tummy! How many though? 3, 4 or 5? 
Despite being pink (which incidentally is little monkeys favourite colour both monkeys were keen to open the carry box that Popcorn arrived in to find out how many puppies she has.
As you can see from his face, little monkey was chuffed to have a new friend. She was fixed tightly into her box so scissors were required to set her free. We were all keen to see how many puppies came out of her tummy and what sex they would be!
Just open the velcro along the seem of her belly and pull out the little mites! One blue and two pink here! 
Popcorn has 3 puppies, each with soft bodies and hard faces just like their mummy.  We had guessed she had 5 babies inside but were pleased with 3! Little monkey has already named them, although they change frequently!
Popcorn has been in the car, dropped on the floor, tucked up in little monkeys bed at night and even thrown in mine in the mornings, leaving her little mark behind, for the strands of gold in her hair malt! Other than that she is a new firm favourite toy!  
We've even managed to keep hold tight of the babies and not yet lose one of them. Priced at £24.99 each Puppy Surprise dog has brush-able hair. Aimed at children aged 4+, take a look at the advert below. First introduced in the 90's Puppy Surprise has made a come back this year. Available from all good toy shops and online she is not suitable for under 3's due to her malting hair and small parts.
A great toy dog and her pups, she is helping our little monkey to be caring and to use his imagination. He loves her!
We're going on an adventure

We were sent Puppy Surprise for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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