Project 365 - A Photo A Day! Week 39

This week has seen little monkey going to school full days but alas he has had to have an enforced 48hrs off at the end of the week due to a tummy upset! Those dreaded school germs! I've been to my old 'home' County to see a good friend and reminisce and generally we've just gone about our daily living! We hope you've all had a great week.
Day 263. The monkeys cleaned their football boots whilst daddy cleaned the guinea pigs out! 
Day 264. Delicious toasted teacakes and coffee with hubby and a friend.
Day 265. At last some colour in the sky after rain all day! 
Day 266. We woke up to this far better blue sky and sunshine.
Day 267. Dressing for comfort and indoors today as youngest is off school.
Day 268. I just had to try these old trousers on when I realised I hadn't actually got rid of them! Incredible!
Day 269. Big monkeys first ever Laser tag party for his friends 8th birthday! It was great fun. He loved it.

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