Project 365 - Week 38

Well, this week has been strange having even more time on my hands! Now I'm not saying I don't like it but it takes some getting used to! Here's our week in photo's.

Day 256. I rode 50k in a charity bike ride, the furthest I've ever ridden by far! The afternoon was spent relaxing with my feet firmly up!
Day 257. Awe, sleeping little monkey with his beloved Pink Puppy Surprise! Why do boys of his age like pink?!
Day 258. Celebrating a friends 40th with Breakfast out. Eggs Florentine.
Day 259. All ready to do my own thing at the gym.
Day 260. Yet to turn red but the monkeys do have 2 tomatoes on their tomato plants!
Day 261. A Costa date with little monkey today after his second week at school. Full time next week!
Day 262. These two cheeky monkeys are all dressed ready to party. I do love it when they dress the same (occasionally).

We hope you are having a great weekend. 

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