So Proud of Little Monkey

Dearest Darling Son, 

You Started school little more than a week ago and from the off you settled in far better than we could ever have expected. I'm so proud of the grown up 4 year old you've become! Only on the 2nd day you said "Mummy, can I go in on my own?" As much as it broke my heart, I was delighted you were showing such independence and wanted to get into class.
We've had no tears, just smiles at being at 'big school' and I've seen the pride on your face, that you are now at your big brothers school. Yesterday when I collected you after your longest day there, I cannot describe the pride I felt when your teacher told me you'd eaten all of your dinner. You too were keen to tell me and share how you had also carried your tray all by yourself. This totally rocked my world and made my day, it really did.
You are doing so well my darling and I know without a doubt that you'll be happy there. Both your big brother and you seem to thrive at school. This makes me so so happy.
Thanks son, you've made this huge transition for us both a much easier one. Learn well my son and have fun along the way.

Love Mummy xxx

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