The Little Boy Who Lost His Name - Book Review

The monkeys love a good story book and like nothing better than being read to, especially at bedtime. Usually they choose the book they want us to read to them and away we go! Reading to two monkeys who won't listen and who tend to muck around instead is quite a challenge! Not so with their new books! They each have the same. 

The Little Boy Who lost His Name - A magical, personalised tale like no other, specially printed for every child. There's another version too (The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name). Both are delightful A4 sized premium quality personalised books created on
environmentally friendly paper by three Dads and an Uncle who had a dream, and then made it a reality.

Aimed at children aged 2-6 it's written by David Cadji-Newby and illustrated by Pedro Serapicos.
Based on the child's name the books are personalised to spell out their name at the end of the highly illustrated and magical story. Both monkeys (especially big monkey were delighted with this)!
Their books came with a little personalised message inside the front cover which added to the very personal tone of the book. They were packaged really well and their quality shone through as soon as I opened them. To give you an idea of the story, a little boy loses his name and goes on an adventure to find it. He is given letters by those he meets on his adventure that end up spelling his name out. 236 illustrations and rhyming stories have been created so that The Little Boy Who Lost His Name works well for everyone. The stories for the monkeys obviously differ slightly due to their names.
Big monkey loved reading right throughout the book and was so excited to realise each page was spelling out his name. The story was easy for him to read (at age 7) and it kept his interest throughout.
Ideal for the target age (2-6 year olds) big monkey couldn't wait for little monkey to hear his story and realise he name was at the end.
Being only 4 and unable to read yet little monkey relied on me reading the story to him. It was a pleasure from start to finish and he too loved that his name was featured!
Obviously some names are longer than others so the amount of pages do differ slightly. 
The illustrations are magical and really compliment the books.
A wonderful keepsake for both monkeys to enjoy for some time to come! We loved them and I wouldn't mind one myself! 

The books are postage free worldwide and would make a wonderful gift for any child whatever the occasion! They cost £18.99 each.

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