The Ugglys Pet Shop Pet Store - Review

You may remember we featured the Uggly's Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van, which we loved. Now we have the Uggly's Pet Shop Pet Store! "Build up a stinky stack of gross homes to create the Uggliest Pet Store in town. Each gross home comes with its own stenchy sound and exclusive pet to display".
This stacking pet store forms part of the range of The Uggly's Pet Shop toys and comes with one exclusive pet - Manic monkey! He has 100 other pet friends sold separately. Happily we have about 8 of them so we've added a few to this review. Other 'homes' can be bought separately to add to this store. Little monkey was very excited to receive this addition to the range and quickly found his dirty dog van so that he could play with the two toys together.
Like the van the store has numerous gross sounds (including burping and barfing) and there are ugly images on the packaging and building itself! It only comes with the blue roof, the static white block with red opening door and the yellow removable home set on the 'concrete and mud base'. Disappointing when the packaging implies more. However we do love The Uggly's range and although gross we think it's great fun! We intend to collect more of the pets and maybe more of the homes too.
When you press down on the roof which is removable it makes numerous sounds as mentioned and so too does the monkeys yellow home when pressed. The battery pack is underneath the yellow removable home and the set does come complete with two button cell batteries. This toy retails at £12.99.
As you can see the store 'blocks' can be stacked as previously mentioned and they can even be stacked on top of the roof too! Aside from this set there are six more gross homes to collect. They are Bone home, Poop coop, Doggy dump, Mutt hut, Cat stack and Rank tank! I'm sure my two monkeys would love them all!
Overall we are pleased with this toy from Character but feel the packaging is a little misleading and maybe a little over priced?
Recommended for ages 5+ and not suitable for under 3's due to small parts.
We were sent this set for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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