A Photo A Day - Project 365

Day 291. The monkeys were having a dressing up day and we enjoyed a quick local ride around on their bikes and then in their wagon.
Day 292. Banana's for my monkeys! We get through so much fruit! 
Day 293. A House of Fraser delivery for the minions, I mean monkeys! 
Day 294. A poorly big monkey and I completed his new jigsaw.
Day 295. Back at school, I managed to get to lunch at the very Grand St Pancras Renaissance Hotel for a blogging event with Sarah Willingham from Dragons Den.
Day 296. I just love the autumnal colours around at the minute! So vibrant.
Day 297. Another colourful shot of the leaves, taken whilst at football this morning! So pretty!

I'm really hoping now that it's half term we have seen the last of the illness' going around for a while! Both monkeys had great reports from their parents evenings this week and we have some fun things planned for the coming week! Hoping you have all had a great week! 

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