First Half Term in Foundation and Year 3 Done!

Well, how quickly did that half term go? Too quickly but I'm pleased to say we've survived the first half term pretty unscathed! Just the minor (well big issue) of little monkey pooing himself at school four days in a row this week! How mortifying and how on earth do we stop it from happening!
Anyway, moving swiftly on, the monkeys have both had parents evenings this week. Hubby attended big monkeys and was pleased to report he has settled into the juniors well. Great feedback was given by his teacher and we know which area he needs to work on! The children stay with the same peers they've had right through from Foundation stage, so he is with friends he knows well. He seems to be loving being in year three! 
Tonight I went to little monkeys parents evening and am delighted to report he has settled into school really well. We've had no tears at all, in fact I've had to ask him to say goodbye to me each morning when going in! He is making new friends, loves the outdoor learning space (aka the foundation stage play area) and is keen to try every task asked of him! I did have to laugh when his teacher told me his attention does wonder at times when on the carpet. He can talk too much too! Mmm, I wonder who he gets that from?! 
I'm so pleased with both monkeys and really have no worries with either of them and their schooling! Delighted does not even cover it!

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