Gino, Prosecco and Pizza!

WOW, don't you just love days where you just have to pinch yourself to make sure they actually happened! Tuesday was one of those days. Would I like to bake with Gino D'acampo at his house?! Hell yes. Of course I would!
Highgrove Foods and Gino have been working on a collaboration to create a new chilled fresh pizza base (Bake with Me) for busy families who love great tasting food (at a great price).
Available exclusively (to start with) in 300 Asda stores across the country from October 5th, the ready rolled bases will come in 3 different types. One thin and crispy, a family base with tomato and basil sauce and another (rectangle) one. 
Each comes rolled up in it's own bag which has a valve to keep it fresh. To use, just cut the packaging open, fold out the base onto a baking tray, cover with topping of your choice and cook for 12-15 minutes! Full instructions come with the bases.
Gino and Highgrove foods have been working together on this collaboration for 18 months now with the recipe taking about a year to perfect. 
Myself and other bloggers got to sample the pizza bases at Gino's house, opening the rolled up bases with him, topping them and tasting the cooked pizza's. They were delicious! The desert pizza Gino made with nutella and banana was particularly wonderful! 
Asked how much we thought the product would sell for most of us over estimated the cost! The boxed kit with base and sauce will cost just £2 and the other two bases only £1.50 each.
I think they will be perfect for families who enjoy pizza. Making their own with fresh tasty ingredients that kids can help create too can only be a winner!
Thanks so much to Gino's hospitality, I had such a fab time. John and his colleagues from Highgrove foods were great hosts too and I'm so pleased the Tots100 team made a call out for an extra two bloggers to attend. Best Tuesday lunchtime EVER!

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