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Already a little heavier than I wanted to be, when I became pregnant with each of my sons I decided to be relaxed about what I was eating and maybe even at times 'ate for two'! I started at the same weight with both boys and put exactly the same weight on with them both too! 3 stone, 7 pounds to be precise! The only exercise I did in general was walking. I guess, especially after the second pregnancy that I was naive. I would assume the weight would just come off. First breast feeding, then running around after a newborn and his older sibling. Except it didn't! I would eat, then eat more.
Last October before my life switch
What was your ‘Life Switch’ and what influenced you to make it?

Then last November 2014 something clicked. I was fed up of feeling tired, unfit and generally too heavy! I'm only 5 foot tall you see, so any extra weight shows. Even my now 7 year old had started saying 'Mummy's fat".

The gym my husband works in started running a six week course in the run up to Christmas. They wanted their clients to continue with their exercise routines and not give up just because it was almost Christmas. Let's face it, the festive season is when most of us want to look our best! So, feeling enough was enough and fed up of saying to myself that I really should lose weight (whilst tucking into yet another packet of crisps) I said I would sign up to the program.

What happened next totally shocked me into meaning business and really knuckling down to make a switch

I did a work out at the gym, then the instructor (in this case my husband) took my statistics.....heart rate, height, weight, body fat ratio and so on! I knew I was overweight but at 13 stone 6lbs I was disappointed with myself! Meaning I had at least 3 and a half stone to lose. THAT was the moment I knew I had to make a change! 
That photo!
We took a photo of me post workout on that very day and I could not bare to look at it! Only a head and shoulders shot but not one I wanted to see. With the promise of weekly weigh-ins and more gym members signed up to do the same as me, I was then fired up to nail this.

What have been the improvements?

From that moment on I set about living a healthy lifestyle, exercising and generally increasing my health and fitness.
In my forties I want to run around after my boys, I want to set a good example and I want them to be proud of me. Not ashamed.
Out went all crisps, cake, biscuits, sweets, deserts, pasta, cheese, processed foods and so on. I started eating more healthily by cutting down to one sugar in tea and coffee, having breakfast every day (and not just when I felt like it) and eating fruit and vegetables. Meals would include salad and I had much smaller portions of everything I ate. Drinking water by the bottle load! I also exercised when I could.

At the end of that 6 weeks (just before Christmas) I'd lost 9lb, 2cms off my waist and my body fat was already down by 3%. This kept me going right through Christmas and beyond. Even with meals out over the festive season I continued to lose weight.
During January of this year I did a nine day detox which saw me lose nearly 7lb, 9.5cm from my thighs, 6cm from my waist, 5cm from my hips and 3cm off my chest. Taking my total weight loss at that time to 22lbs off.

During and after
By mid May I'd reached my weight loss goal of losing 3 and a half stone but feeling fabulous and fitter than ever. I continued with my new lifestyle and went on to lose another half a stone. By June 21st I was finally where (I thought I wanted to be).
Member of the month in June at the gym
What have you found difficult? 

Now in October and a month away from it being a year from starting my life switch I'm now almost 4 st, 7lbs lighter than I was last year. The hardest thing is now maintaining it. I'm exercising 3-4 times a week and have done solidly since last November. This is huge for me as I really wasn't into fitness before. Now if I miss a class for whatever reason I miss exercising and cannot wait to get back into it. I'm now a healthy 9 stone. Staying off the 'naughty foods' is sometimes difficult but if I fancy a treat I usually have it.
The 50k bike charity bike ride
What’s your one biggest tip to those looking to do the same?

I would advise anyone who is looking to lose weight and get fit to take the plunge. No faddy diets needed or slimming clubs, just hard work and determination. I feel fabulous at 44! Never been fitter and so much healthier. Gosh, I'm even wearing size 8 clothes! The last time I did that was about 20 years ago. Go to a gym where you'll feel comfortable. Don't worry about other people and most of all do it for you, no one else!
Me now (October 2015)
What do you want to have achieved in 5 years time?

I can honestly say that I will now continue to incorporate exercise into my week, every week and eat (much more) healthily! Don't get me wrong I do have the odd treat and I still go out for meals but I make healthier choices. I'm loving buying a whole new wardrobe of clothes and wearing what I want to and not something to hide in. I really feel that in 5 years time I will still be lighter and fitter than before. This new me is here to stay! I've already cycled further than I'd ever done before, raising funds for a 50k charity bike ride. I next want to achieve a 5k run. Little to some but a while back my knees would never allow me to run at all. Now I can! Hey, I might even train to become a fitness instructor.
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