New Imaginex Transforming Batcave - Review

The monkeys love the Imaginex range of toys from Fisher Price, in particular their Batcave, which we got around this time last year. Now there is a New Imaginex Transforming Toy Batcave on the block! 
The monkeys were delighted to receive this huge toy to review, brand new to the popular DC Super Friends range from Fisher-Price Imaginext.
Batman has always had the coolest gadgets to fight crime in Gotham City and his Batcave headquarters are no exception. With a turn of a Power Pad this Batcave transforms and the platforms, Batcomputer and Batwings all open up and the eyes light up. A
second Power Pad opens the garage so Batman can speed off to save the city from the evil clutches of The Joker. While a third opens Batman’s Armour Chest, full of gear he can wear to protect himself from enemy fire. No Batcave would be complete without a jail, elevator and projectile launcher to add to the story and the adventures. With a headquarters loaded with so much crime-fighting power, The Joker will be no match for Batman and young superheroes imagination. The Batcave includes Batman and The Joker figures.
We quickly set to work getting the transforming Batcave out of the box as the monkeys really could not wait to start playing with it.
They enjoyed exploring their new toy and testing the new features of this great new addition to the range. Even adding in the accessories from the original Batcave. Both great Batcaves but quite different! The elevator feature accessed from the back is fab, as is the projectile launcher. This Batcave with it's multi level platforms offers far more for children to play with. 
The light up eyes are a particularly cool feature, which fade out right before your eyes! The Batcomputer is rather great too!
We think this brand new transforming Batcave is a fabulous addition to the DC Super friends range. A great toy for Batman fans like the monkeys who have continued to play with it over and over since it arrived. As usual with Fisher Price toys it's very hard wearing and robust too.
Suitable from 3-8 years RRP £62.99. Currently £59.99 (at time of publishing this post) at Smyths Toys.

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