Project 365 - Week 42

It's been a week of colds, deliveries and fabulous school achievements, and that's before parents evening!
Here's more of our week in photo's.
Day 284. In my PJ's ill all day I just had to venture in the garden to capture the sun on the plants.
Day 285. A review delivery from Orchard Toys, we all enjoyed playing before bed.
Day 286. More review items and these are fab!
Day 287. A glorious morning for walking to school then onto the Harvest Festival.
Day 288. Bathed and sat quietly glued to something on the TV!
Day 289. Proud of his Star of the week badge which was returned after the week for someone else.
Day 290. Another review delivery today and a welcome surprise nice and early! 

I think we are all fit and healthy again! I've been planning a special surprise for the monkeys in half term. Can't wait to see their faces! Hope you've all had a great week.

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