Project 365 - Week 44!

Day 298. Brunch at the Diner after the cinema to see the Minion Movie (again) and Hubby had this delicious looking all day breakfast!
Day 299. The view from our room on a sunny clear morning.
Day 300. This Thomas track was played with for the first time despite being bought last Christmas! 
Day 301. Loving how wearing stripes makes me look super slim!
Day 302. Dinner out with the monkeys, my brother and my parents. This risotto was yummy!
Day 303. A surprise day out for the monkeys at Thomas Land! 
Day 304. Big monkey gets a new hair cut at his first ever trip to the Barbers! Looking very handsome.

Half-term has flown by and has been fun. I'm chuffed I managed to keep the monkeys surprise trip a secret (even though it was hard)! We're taking part in Project 365 for a 2nd year. Only a few more weeks or so to go! Yikes! Where has 2015 gone!! 

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