Project 365 - Weeks 40 & 41

Day 270. A glorious afternoon for a walk at Hyde Hall and a cuppa with the in-laws.
Day 271. Costa coffee stop during a shopping trip with hubby whilst the monkeys were at school.
Day 272. Gino (Phoar) in his kitchen. Yes, I was there!
Day 273. Whoops, I got myslef some flowers just because.
Day 274. Lunch out with a friend. This risotto was delicious.
Day 275. A quick lunch break in the sun after the gym.
Day 276. Blog On Win and their amazing Zelfs cake.
Day 277. Catching up with the guinea pigs whilst they enjoy the sun!
Day 278. Loving my flowers.
Day 279. These ones were bought for me!
Day 280. Apparently pink hair is in! Good job to really!
Day 281. Lunch with a friend, this Welsh Rarebit was delicious.
Day 282. One little monkey off ill and the big one comes home with star of the week. A lovely surprise!
Day 283. Another day indoors and now I have the lurgy! Daddy came home with a new lightshade for little monkey whilst big monkey has been out with his friends and parents all day.

Here's hoping we are fighting fit again next week! Also hoping you are all good and well! 

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